MWTH (Medusa With The Head) is an artist run project entangled in the narrative habits of classical imaginaries, their foundational role in present culture and visions of the future. MWTH seeks to reorient androcentric lore, to queer iconography, to re-formulate antiquity’s heroic center and its modes of (re)production.
Through stories that are told and retold over centuries, our iconography shapes our ideology.

MWTH Project was (immaculately) conceived by Bek Andersen in the immediate wake of the Kavanaugh hearings. The day Kavanaugh was confirmed to the highest court of the land, Bek came across the viral image of Medusa with the Head of Perseus by Luciano Garbati, an inversion of Cellini’s Perseus With the Head of Medusa. She was inspired to contact the artist in Argentina and bring the sculpture to New York. In November 2018, The unapologetically revisionist Garbati Medusa was on view IRL at 263 Bowery, alongside works by Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, Fox Hysen, Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski, Danielle Bowman, Este Puerta, Ilana Savdie, Terri Zupanc, Yo-E Ryou, Camille Altay, and Bek Andersen.

Coming Soon to City Near You: Stay Tuned for Tour Dates: All killer no filler*
The MWTH endeavor is made possible by the generous support of a patron (saint) who wishes to remain anonymous.

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